Watch: ‘A.C.O.D.’s’ Jane Lynch on why marriages fail – ‘It does not mean stability’

When it comes to marriage advice, look no further than “A.C.O.D.” co-stars Jane Lynch and Catherine O’Hara.

“There were reasons for it, you know, centuries ago…[but] today we’re in a different world,” said Lynch at the film’s recent press junket. “And it does not mean stability, stability means stability. …I think we do jump to and aspire…you know, the ‘Bridezilla,’ the reality show these days about people wanting their wedding to be a certain way, and what weddings mean, and what the marriage relationship means, and it’s crazypants. And the kids suffer at the hand of it, the kids are the ones who suffer.”

“Marriage isn’t stability, stability is stability.” It’s a great line spoken by Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character in the film (referenced by Lynch above), and it’s one O’Hara herself also sparked to.

“You need stability before you get married,” she said. “You need stability before you do anything important. That’s so important…It’s just an event now in people’s lives, for so many people. It’s just an event. It’s a party! It’s a great party, and it’s a chance for people to go nuts! And everyone gets involved…it’s like, why are people insane about this?”

To hear more from O’Hara and Lynch about marriage, divorce, and “A.C.O.D.,” click on the video above for the full interview.

“A.C.O.D.” hits theaters this Friday.