‘Afflicted’ actors Derek Lee and Clif Prowse on what’s wrong with monster movies

With a title like “Afflicted,” and the skin-crawling movie posters that have accompanied, there's no question a creature is coming.

But for “Afflicted” co-stars/co-directors Derek Lee and Clif Prowse, it's all about the timing and emotional expenditure to get to that first true scare in their horror film.

It was back in late 2013 that I talked to longtime friends and collaborators Lee and Prowse, as they took their small budget film to genre-loving Fantastic Fest in Austin. On film, they happen to also play filmmaking friends Derek and Cliff, who travel overseas and are suddenly sidelined by a newly contracted health condition.

It was just this past week the pair finally unleashed their found footage/documentary-style film into theaters, on a small enough scale that the film's greatest thrills and even its central creature have not been spoiled, to some degree.

Below, however, are some spoilers. Check out what Lee and Prowse had to say about their budget, the makeup, making found footage work and why vampires are still a lasting legend in the movie-making world.

HitFix: Is there an element to you guys that really wants to keep quiet that this is a vampire movie?

Prowse: Every one we”ve ever asked who”s seen the movie has enjoyed it. We asked, we stood up like would you want to know this is a vampire film before you saw it. Everyone, test audiences, press, reviewers, CBS have all said you know it”s probably gonna get out at some point. But it”s so much more fun, so much more enjoyable if you don”t know. So ideally we”ve been trying – because I started using the word “creature” or whatever.

Did you kind of think about that in your approach to how you structured it because it does take a while to kind of pay off into like everybody going oh…