‘Agents of SHIELD’s’ Chloe Bennet: Skye will be tougher and bangs-ier in Season 2

How will “Agents of SHIELD” Season 2 be different from Season 1?

“It's hairier,” said cast member Chloe Bennet (a.k.a. computer hacker Skye) while promoting the film at San Diego Comic-Con.

And by “hairier” she means literally hairier: not only will Skye have bangs in Season 2, but Brett Dalton's Grant Ward will boast a full beard in his newly-evil incarnation.

Of course, along with her changing follicular situation Skye will also be a bit rougher around the edges this season – a result of the chaotic events that transpired during the show's first go-round.

“I think she's toughened up a little bit,” Bennet explained. “She's been training with [Ming-Na Wen's Melinda] May…I think there's a whole new side of Skye coming out.”

So how does she explain the fans' increased fondness for Skye over the course of Season 1? Watch the full interview with Bennet and Dalton in the video above.

“Agents of SHIELD” Season 2 premieres Tuesday, September 23 on ABC.