‘Alien vs. Predator’ writer responds to Sigourney Weaver’s ‘Alien 3’ claims

07.22.15 4 years ago

During an interview with the Radio Times at this month's London Film and Comic Con, Sigourney Weaver — who has been a vocal critic of the “Alien vs. Predator” spinoffs for quite some time now — further blasted the films by claiming that it was her choice to have her “Alien” character Ellen Ripley killed off because, quote: “I heard that Fox was gonna do 'Alien vs Predator.' Which really depressed me because I was very proud of the movies.”

Now, in an exclusive rant over at Bloody-Disgusting, original “Alien vs. Predator” screenwriter Peter Briggs (whose version of the film was never made) is calling b.s. on those assertions by throwing down a few facts: most pertinently, that his “Alien vs. Predator” screenplay was bought by Fox long after “Alien 3” had started principal photography:

“['AvP' producer] Larry Gordon would later tell me 'Alien vs Predator' had only been discussed for the first time at Fox literally days before [my then-agent] Steve [Kenis] gave him the script in September 1991, which is why I was in the right place at the right time to make my first sale. Maybe they were in a panic about 'Alien 3'…I have no idea. And so when I hear Sigourney Weaver recounting her killing off Ripley in 'Alien 3' because she”d heard Fox were talking about doing 'Alien vs Predator,' despite the fact our project was first spoken about and initiated well over a year (not even counting Vincent Ward”s involvement!) after her movie had gone into active production, I really have to roll my eyes at her claims.”

Briggs went on to make perhaps the biggest slam by targeting the last two “Alien” sequels starring Weaver, neither of which are particularly beloved by franchise fans:

“I do wish Sigourney Weaver would stop beating on 'Alien vs Predator' as her pet piñata in 'ruining' the 'Alien; franchise, and acknowledge that two standalone 'Alien' movies she was actively involved with unfortunately managed that first, all on their own.”

Oof. (For the record, I actually like “Alien 3” and “Alien: Resurrection.”)

Factually, Briggs' assertions hold water. “Alien 3” went into production in January of 1991, a solid eight months prior to Fox's purchase of his “AvP” script. It's also pretty clear that Weaver dislikes the “AvP” films so much that she's willing to bend (misremember?) the truth in order to make a few more slams. Which isn't honorable, necessarily, but still fun for those who — like Sigourney — don't remember the “AvP” movies with any particular fondness.

You can read Briggs' full rant over at Bloody-Disgusting.

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