‘All-New X-Factor’ images show full line-up of the new team

(CBR) Although Peter David’s “All-New X-Factor” was announced last month at New York Comic Con 2013, few details — including the full roster of the new team — have been revealed. However, CBR Forum member jmc247 has posted two scanned “All New X-Factor” #1 images from this month’s edition of Marvel Previews — including the cover and a preview page — that reveals a better picture of the team’s roster. Along with already-announced members Polaris, Quicksilver and Gambit, the image shows the mysterious hooded figure and a sandy-haired young man (both featured on Kris Anka’s previously-revealed cover”) and Danger, the Danger Room come to life from Joss Whedon and John Cassaday’s run on “Astonishing X-Men.”

“In this volume of ‘X-Factor,’ we’ve got a number of characters who, for one reason or another, were either uncomfortable or unwelcome in the company of the Jean Grey or Xavier schools,” series editor Jordan D. White told CBR during a recent X-Position. “We’ve got Gambit, whose reasons for leaving the school are revealed in issue 1, and then Polaris and Quicksilver, neither of whom have the smoothest of histories with their fellow mutants. And we’ve got 3 more members coming onto the team, which will make the book a great mix of characters, which is always Peter’s strong suit. Fans of the previous run of ‘X-Factor’ can attest to how much life he brings to character interactions and how much he can make the reader care about them. And for those who didn’t read the previous series, this is the time to jump on — it’s an All-New team with a completely different purpose and calling. This ‘X-Factor as corporate outreach program’ is a really new and exciting idea with lots to explore and play with.” Although there are only six members of the roster pictured, it’s likely that the cast will change throughout David’s run on the series as it did during “X-Factor.” More will likely come to light as the series ramps up to release. 

“All-New X-Factor” releases this January.