‘Almost Royal’ is set to skewer entitled Brits in America

05.14.14 5 years ago

While making fun of the royal family is a national pastime across the pond, here our take on royalty is mingled with a curiosity about something that seems glamorous — from a distance. BBC America's first comedy series, “Almost Royal,” proposes to plop two young British aristocrats in our backyard to see how they take to 'Murican ways. The show, which stars Ed Gamble (Georgie) and Amy Hoggart (Poppy), tears a page out of the Sacha Baron Cohen rulebook by letting the actors interact with real people. Real people including Fabio. That happens. 

“Almost Royal” premieres with back-to-back episodes Sat., June 21, 10:00pm ET following the “Orphan Black” season two finale.

As we see in the trailer, sibling Georgie and Poppy Carlton are 49th and 50th in line for the throne, and they've agreed to let a camera crew follow them around on an unofficial tour of America with stops in Los Angeles, Boston, Texas, New York, Nashville, Detroit and Washington D.C. The visit is also a chance to the kids to grant their father's dying wish that they visit America. 

While the show will surely poke fun at American conventions, it seems more targeted at sending up Georgie and Poppy, who have never driven themselves anywhere or had to fend for themselves in any way. Sounds like that old Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie show, “The Simple Life,” except with actors in on the joke. 

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