Amanda Seyfried says there is a ‘perfect conclusion’ to ‘Big Love’

One of the more recognizable faces who has been missing this season on Big Love is Amanda Seyfried.  The 25-year-old actress landed the role of Sarah Henrickson, Bill and Barb’s oldest daughter, but by the show’s third season, her burgeoning movie career was getting in the way.  Seyfried left during season four as Sarah conveniently married and fled for the coast.  

Since freeing up her schedule, Seyfried has kept busy shooting the uncredited hit “Letters to Juliet” and this week’s new romantic fantasy “Red Riding Hood.”  HitFix spoke to Seyfried this past weekend and asked her how she was feeling about “Big Love” ending this month and whether she’d be making that much rumored return.  

“There is a perfect conclusion to the show,” Seyfried says confirming her participation. “‘Big Love’ ends in the most exciting way possible.  It’s really good. It’s very exciting for me because it’s the only season I wasn’t involved after working for seven years with these people and I ended with them.”

Seyfried adds, “It’s tragic that it’s over.”

You can watch Seyfried thought’s about “Big Love” in the video embedded in the top of this post.  Watch her talk about working with Catherine Hardwicke, the legendary Julie Christie and more.

“Big Love’s” run ends Sunday, March 20.  Seyfried can be seen on the big screen in “Red Riding Hood” this Friday.