AMC Has Secretly Been Warning Us ‘Breaking Bad’ Is ‘The Walking Dead’ Prequel

What if the universe inhabited by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman was the same one the cast of 'The Walking Dead' is trying to navigate? It's the kind of question that seems ripe for a speculative fiction but AMC has been quietly stitching these two worlds into one for years. Of course some would argue these are merely Easter Eggs – nods to fellow shows on the same network. But how many times can you hide clues in a show before it goes from a hat tip to a dire warning?

It all started innocently enough. Way back in Season 2. In the second episode 'Bloodletting' we learn from Daryl that his brother was a drug dealer before the walkers came. Taking out a plastic bag with Merle's stash to bring down T-Dog's fever, viewers can clearly see Blue Sky just laying in the bottom of the bag.

Photo Credit: AMC

No big deal right? Just a little wink-wink between shows. But it's enough to push folks to dig a little deeper into past episodes. All the way back to the second episode of Season 1. Doesn't that Dodge Challenger Glenn steals look a little familiar to 'Breaking Bad' fans? It should.

Photo Credit: AMC

In fact, according to this scene from Season 4, Episode 7 of 'Breaking Bad' Glenn was the one who had to deal with Walt's temper tantrum and subsequent arson of the car. Looks like Glenn was able to fix it up and get out of New Mexico.

But the most recent piece of evidence came once again from Daryl. During Episode 12 of the current season, Daryl opens up to Beth about Merle's supplier. Who sounds exactly like Jesse Pinkman.

Photo Credit: AMC via Reddit

Piecing it together, it appears the zombies started out west and moved towards the coast of Georgia is people as far away as New Mexico were flee in the scene. Knowing Glenn from a previous encounter, perhaps Pinkman forced him to drive cross-country to escape, heading towards the most dangerous redneck dealer Pinkman knew…Merle. One might even go so far as to wonder if Blue Sky had some sort of hand in this epidemic. Thanks for nothing, Heisenberg!