AMC looks back to early computer age with ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ trailer

03.31.14 5 years ago

Today, AMC released the first trailer for their new drama series, “Halt and Catch Fire.”  The tale, which takes place in the early 1980s, is a fictionalized account of one company looking to make computers in Texas” “Silicon Prairie.”  If that by itself isn”t enough to convince you to watch the video, we will also tell you that the Eurythmics” “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” plays for the entirety of the trailer.

 “Halt and Catch Fire” centers itself on three characters:  Joe MacMillan (Lee Pace), a former IBM executive; Gordon Clark (Scoot McNairy), a “once-great” engineer; and Cameron Howe (Mackenzie Davis), a “volatile prodigy.”  The series follows those three as they attempt to reverse engineer an IBM PC after learning that the PC has a flaw (which, presumably, they feel they can correct).  Also appearing on the show are Kerry Bishe and Toby Huss.

The examination of the nascent computer industry has been tackled before on television, perhaps most notably in the 1999 TNT original movie, “Pirates of Silicon Valley.”  That movie was a fictionalized account of the rivalry between Steve Jobs (Noah Wyle) and Bill Gates (Anthony Michael Hall).  The world of those who create technology is also the subject of the new HBO series “Silicon Valley,” which begins this coming Sunday, April 6th.

The first season of “Halt and Catch Fire” is comprised of 10 episodes and is slated to launch on June 1, 2014 at 10pm.  It is created by Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers. 

Take a look at the trailer and tell use what you think – are you excited for a trip back to the ’80s and a look at the emerging computer industry?

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