An ‘American Gods’ Star Agrees With Ian McShane’s ‘T*ts And Dragons’ Comment About ‘Game Of Thrones’


Ian McShane wasn’t on Game of Thrones for very long — just a single episode, season six’s “The Broken Man” — but he made quite the impression, not only with his performance as Brother Ray, but also his summary of the HBO series. “You say the slightest thing and the Internet goes ape,” the Deadwood star said when asked about the response to his spoiling the return of a character. “I was accused of giving the plot away, but I just think get a f*cking life. It’s only t*ts and dragons.” Even if you love Game of Thrones, you have to admit, “t*ts and dragons” is pretty funny (especially coming from Al Swearengen).

McShane’s comments have been resurrected (like the Hound!) by his current co-worker, American Gods star Ricky Whittle (Shadow Moon). When asked by Digital Spy whether Gods can replace Game of Thrones as the go-to fantasy show on television, once the HBO series wraps up in May, he replied, “I don’t think it’s going to replace anything. I feel it’s something completely fresh.”

“When people say it’s the next Game of Thrones, I think they mean that it’s a big expensive show, it’s a monster of a show. I think it’s even more beautiful, I really do. Ian McShane said it right, Game of Thrones is ‘tits and dragons.’ Visually, American Gods is a stunning and unique show, I’d not seen anything like it before. It’s great to watch.” (Via)

What American Gods lacks in “tits and dragons,” it more than makes up in a guy getting kicked in the balls so hard that his body explodes. Why didn’t Whittle just say that? American Gods returns for season two on March 10.

(Via Digital Spy)