‘American Idol’: It was the definitive end of an era

05.17.13 5 years ago

“American Idol”: It was the definitive end of an era

As of this season, “Idol” is no longer the standard-bearer for TV singing competitions, says Jon Caramanica.  “‘The X Factor’ is more modern, ‘The Voice’ is more narratively compelling,'” he says. “‘Idol’ is a legacy show now, a reminder of simpler times. And never has a season of ‘Idol’ felt more like a pure karaoke competition than this one.” PLUS: Mariah Carey denies lip-synching, Randy Jackson explains why he quit, and Keith Urban says there is talk of his possible return.

Shonda Rhimes had the big “Scandal” finale reveal in mind since the start of the season
In fact, Joe Morton says, “I knew all along.” PLUS: “Scandal’s” season finale, says Ryan McGee, “didn’t just put a period on this triumphant second season of the show. It put about a half-dozen exclamation points followed by a few dozen emojis on it.”

Bill Hader: “SNL” went by so fast

“The nature of SNL is that it’s so in-the-moment,” he says of his eight-year stint. “I feel like I’m going to wake up in August and turn to my wife and say ‘Was I really on SNL?’ It went by so fast.”

Will Arnett & Jason Bateman hold hands during a stroll through NYC

The “Arrested Development” co-stars went on a “love stroll” yesterday.

ABC puts the final “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23” episodes online
The eight unaired episodes will be available through June 23.

Jimmy Kimmel sends “Parks and Rec’s” Jim O’Heir to Abercrombie & Fitch
Can the plus-sized actor pull off wearing A&F clothing?

Kevin McKidd talks about the “Grey’s Anatomy” season finale

“There’s no big drama to it, in a strange way.” PLUS: Jessica Capshaw on the season finale


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