An appreciation of ‘Back to the Future’ from Jennette McCurdy and Sam Witwer

“Back to the Future” has die-hard fans all around the world (a fact probably more evident today, on the long-awaited October 21, than on any other day). And the beloved comedy sci-fi flick has no shortage of famous fans.

Among those famous fans are “Being Human” and “Battlestar Galactica” actor Sam Witwer, “Hatchet” writer-director Adam Green and “iCarly” alum Jennette McCurdy, whose latest project is the Netflix series “Between.” All three told HitFix a bit about why they adore the 1985 movie about a 17-year-old kid and his tale of temporal displacement.

McCurdy watches “Back to the Future” on her birthday every year, and one year she had an Enchantment Under the Sea-themed birthday party.

“I even play the soundtrack in my car if I”m driving around on my birthday,” she said.

The 23-year-old actress has a slew of “Back to the Future” collectables, including Marty and Doc bobbleheads, a DeLorean keychain, the Lego DeLorean and Marty McFly”s Jr.”s cap.

Here”s more of what McCurdy had to say about “Back to the Future”:

McCurdy, on the first time she watched the movie:
“I didn”t see it until pretty late. My brothers liked it a lot when I was younger, but I don”t have any vivid memories of being a child watching it. I remember going on the ride at Universal Studios, going to Doc Brown”s Chicken Restaurant, but when I was 14 I watched it. I cried during it. I felt this swell of emotion. Something about those really epic, fun, action-y sci-fi movies gets me, so I was enthralled.”

On her favorite moments in the film:
“I love when Marty”s riding his skateboard at the beginning and ‘Power of Love” is playing. That”s just a really fun moment. So that scene”s one of my favorites, and the scene with Lorraine and Marty in the bedroom with her coming onto him is probably when I laughed the hardest. Michael J. Fox is just amazing in it.”

On the cast of “Back to the Future”:
“Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Tom Wilson, Crispin Glover, even though he was just in the first one, Lea Thompson – they were all so funny, but none of them were trying to be funny. None of them were being goofy or overtly biting or anything like that. They were just naturally playing the part and the script itself was funny. And I think that”s a great lesson to take away from it. Don't try to embellish. Just say the line.”

HitFix also chatted “Back to the Future” with Witwer (who, by the way, does a solid Doc Brown impression).

Witwer, on what makes “Back to the Future” great:
“That movie is just so perfectly constructed. The entire series is so much fun and so funny. Part of it is we”ve all wondered what the hell our parents were up to before we were around. The whole story of a young teenager being out of time a little bit is quite compelling, especially when he's played by an actor who's as inviting as Michael J. Fox and as funny.”

On the timelessness of “Back to the Future”:
“That movie never gets old. It”s really wonderful because it's a movie that will never be dated because it's a movie that takes place in the “80s and in the “50s. So you never look at it and go, ‘Oh that”s so “80s.” They”re calling attention to how “80s it is.”

On Christopher Lloyd:
“I”ve actually had the occasion to meet him. I was brave enough to ask him a few questions about “Taxi,” but I didn't have the guts to ask about ‘Back to the Future.” That guy is incredible. His dramatic work, his comedic work – he's incredible.”

Green also told us this about what makes “Back to the Future” great:
“It”s the most perfect script ever written. Is there a better script in existence anywhere? Every now and then, someone tries [making] time travel movies, and oftentimes they're super cool, but not like that. God, that movie. That's one of those movies, for whatever reason, I cried through the whole thing because I can't believe how good it is. From the moment it starts, and the shot of the clocks and stuff in Doc Brown's lab, and Huey Lewis – oh, f— it's just amazing.”

Here”s what a few other actors have said about their love for “Back to the Future”:

Bill Hader: “The first soundtrack I ever owned was ‘Back to the Future.” The Chuck Berry ‘Johnny B. Goode” moment in ‘Back to the Future” was so cool. I was 7. I just remember thinking, ‘He”s playing guitar. He”s the coolest guy in the world.”” [as told to HitFix”s Louis Virtel]

Andrew Garfield: “[Michael J. Fox] is the master, dude. I re-watch ‘Back to the Future” every month, I think. I”m still blown away by that film and him in it.” [Empire]

Tyler Posey: “Growing up, ‘Back to the Future” was definitely my favorite movie. I would go to Universal Studios with my little brother and ride the ride… I am always going to be one of [Fox”s] biggest fans.” [Yahoo!]

“Back to the Future” has yet more famous fans in James McAvoy (who found much glee realizing Cerebro looked like Doc Brown”s failed mind-reading invention), Donald Glover (who had dreams of having a “Back to the Future”-themed episode of “Community”) and Seth MacFarlane and Zac Efron, who each own a DeLorean.

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