An image-by-image look at Kanye West’s ‘Black Skinhead’ video

07.08.13 6 years ago

Earlier today, Kanye West released the video for ‘Black Skinhead,” his first single off “Yeezus,” via his official site (UPDATE: He claims it was a technical error). And then he promptly removed it like your petulant little brother at Christmas, intent on stealing all the world’s attention for himself. The video, which is black and white, has a sometime-naked and always-CGI Kanye dancing around, intercut with spooky imagery. All in all, it looks a little like a fetish porn version of The Sims.

Because the video is dark and fast-moving, I went ahead and screencapped it so you wouldn’t have to miss a single weird moment. Which mostly means I was concerned you’d overlook the fact that Kanye has given himself a comically large computer-generated penis. Which, I’m sure you can agree, would be a terrible thing to have to go through life without having seen.

1. The video opens on a cartoon image of three Klansmen, and my question here isn’t, “Why are they wearing black robes and not white robes,’ or, “How come that one nice KKK fella gets to wear a taller hat than those other two nice KKK fellas?” It’s, “How on earth did Kanye track down the artist responsible for the Neighborhood Watch Villain?”

2. Terrifying snarling wolves! Get lost, Neighborhood Watch Villain.

3. A mysterious crowd of men appear. Maybe one of them is a member of your Sims family?

4. The first we see of Kanye is this phosphorescent image of hulking man with abs of pure steel… or pure whatever that stuff inside of glow sticks is. Four Loko?

5. Kanye mentions King Kong and then, just like that, a few frames of King Kong appear.

6. Kanye is wearing a beautiful chain, which might be a metaphor. But probably, it’s not a metaphor.

7. Here’s a clear shot of Kanye’s computerized face. He looks nice and humble, no?

8.Wait! Nevermind! Not nice and humble. Actually, he’s made of metal.

9. Kanye mentions a wolf and then, just like that, a few frames of wolf appear.

10. PENIS ALERT! PENIS ALERT! And, it would seem, a case of adult chickenpox alert.

11. And here he is, Yeezus himself. Blinged out and with the perfect amount of shadowing on his abs, just like Our Lord and Savior himself.

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