An Open Letter to Miley Cyrus after the Video Music Awards and her ‘publicity art’

Dear Miley,

I”m not really sure why you feel the need to keep stabbing any existing memory of  “Hannah Montana” in the heart. We got it a few years ago when you performed “Party in the USA” and used the pole on an ice cream cart as a stripper pole. We got it again-over and over-with the various photo spreads with you showing off body parts, grabbing your crotch- and the videos that are your own version of “Girls Gone Wild.” Move over, Joe Francis. And we got it again last night in your Video Music Award stripper act performance.

You pretty much buried Hannah Montana for good after the last movie in 2010 (I know, it”s hard to believe it hasn”t been way longer than that), and you can stop dedicating every minute to stomping on her grave now.  We got it. You are never, ever getting back together with that boring little school girl. Not when there”s molly to ingest and beer to drink and miles of twerking to go before you sleep.

Your “We Can’t Stop” performance at the VMAs last night, as you grinded up against dancers dressed as plushie teddy bears, looked like something out of a misguided “Baby”s First Twerk” home video.  Really, no one wants to see that and it”s a good thing that Robin Thicke had on sunglasses for your performance together on “Blurred Lines” so we couldn”t see his reaction as you stroked his crotch with a foam finger. Somehow, you made the women in the “Blurred Lines” video look classy. Nice job!

A friend of mine has coined a new term for performances like yours. He calls it “publicity art.” It’s certainly not music and it’s not really performance art -there’s not that much thought put into it. It’s a calculated attempt at grabbing headlines and it works. But only for so long. And the really irritating thing about it is you have to keep upping the ante. No performer can keep that up forever.

Instead of trying to shock us with how shocking you are and expecting us all to clutch our pearls, why not really stun us with something: show us that you can sing. Some of us know you can from songs like “The Climb” and “Wrecking Ball,” the song you released yesterday, but a lot of folks need a reminder.  You don”t have to stop dancing or even twerking and stomping around like some awkward dinosaur, but it would be nice if you quit sticking out your tongue more than Gene Simmons. It”s almost like you have a facial tic.

No one expects you to dress up like you”re headed to a church social though you certainly got some great reactions, including Rihanna”s stony-faced, slightly bemused one. Not like she”s one to talk.

We already know you  Can”t Be Tamed. That”s so 2010. Why not show us that you can”t be stopped because you”re simply too talented.