Andre 3000 joins T.I. to say ‘Sorry’ on new track: Listen

Former OutKast member Andre 3000 makes a rare guest spot on the new T.I. track “Sorry,” from T.I.’s upcoming “Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head.” 

Over a sparse track featuring a number of keys and synths and some subtly funky bass from producer Jazze Pha, T.I. brags about his hustle, his money, his college grades and the fact that it’s his time to shine. With a line like “Never mind what the blogs say/do what my mind and my heart say,” T.I. doesn’t sound like he feels the need to apologize for any of his success.

Then the relatively reclusive Andre 3000 arrives and blows the track wide open. The former OutKast rapper intones “I don’t even like rapping fast,” before slowing it down. In what is no doubt aimed at his former OutKast partner Big Boi, Dre offers this olive branch: “This the type shit that make you call your rap partner and say I’m sorry I’m awkward, my fault for fucking up the tours/ I hated all the attention so I ran from it.”

In a strange twist, Big Boi just released the new track “In the A” which features guest spots from Ludacris….and T.I. 

Listen to “Sorry” here:

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