Angela Lansbury is ‘relieved’ NBC scrapped its “Murder, She Wrote” reboot

01.23.14 5 years ago

Angela Lansbury is “relieved” NBC scrapped its “Murder, She Wrote” reboot
“I knew it was a terrible mistake. I didn’t want to sully the memory,” says the 88-year-old Lansbury, adding: “Octavia Spencer is a superb actress. She had no business being put into a situation that she couldn’t win.”

ABC orders a drama project from David O. Russell

The “American Hustle” director’s project is described as “”an upstairs/downstairs soap centered on a private country club.”

HBO passes on “People in New Jersey” starring Sarah Silverman and Topher Grace

The comedy about an adult brother and sister was to be produced by Lorne Michaels with Paul Feig directing.

Jay Leno tells “60 Minutes” Jimmy Fallon is “probably more like a young Johnny”

Watch a preview of Leno’s “60 Minutes” profile, airing Sunday.

Group that claimed premium channels are losing subscribers backpedals
The NPD Group says it “should not have called out declines in subscribers for specific premium TV channels, HBO and Showtime.”

Why Bill Cosby just might save NBC
Unlike Michael J. Fox and his failed “Michael J. Fox Show,” Cosby is the creative force behind his projects.

Animal Planet’s “Call of the Wildman” accused of abusing animals, being fake

A Mother Jones investigation, found “evidence of a culture that tolerated legally and ethically dubious activities.” They also found that Animal Planet scripted the show, staging rescues and using raccoons as “performers.”

Presenting an “SNL” census
U.S. News & World Report counted the race of nearly every current and past “SNL” cast member, from Rob Schneider (half Filipino and half white) to Rich Hall (part Cherokee).

“The Millers” to have an “Arrested Development” reunion

Jeffrey Tambor will play the owner of the station where Will Arnett works.

“General Hospital” to keep on going
The long-running soap will be back next season, though ABC hasn’t officially announced a renewal.

“Psych” remakes a Season 1 episode, and hijinks abound

Unlike with the original episode, says writer Andy Berman, “We weren’t able to put a lot of the really, really goofy stuff in.”

“The Mindy Project” meets “The Following”
It’s the crossover romance you weren’t expecting.

“Girl Meets World’s” Season 1 order expanded to 21 episodes

That’s eight more than the previous order.

“True Detective” and “Girls” decline in Week 2
The serial killer drama fell from 2.3 million to 1.7 million, while Lena Dunham’s comedy dropped to 779,000 viewers.

Introducing the “Downton Abbey” board game

This new board game allows you to compete as a maid or a footman.

“Workaholics” guys are found it a bit challenging writing Season 4
Adam DeVine recalls pitching a story idea that already appeared on the show.

Comedy Central’s “Broad City” is done in the spirit of “Louie”

The comedy from  Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson and exec producer Amy Poehler has that same kind of first-person experimental yet hilarious voice that “Louie” has.

“Shameless” star Shanola Hampton welcomes a daughter

Cai MyAnna Dukes was born on Monday.

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