Angelina Jolie isn’t quitting acting (yet): ‘There are a few more things I wanna do’

Though Angelina Jolie has been quoted as saying she'll eventually give up acting, she's not quite finished yet.

“I'll do less acting and more directing in the future, yes,” said Jolie, speaking with us about her second directorial effort “Unbroken.” “[But] there are a few more things I wanna do as an actress because I know what they are and I've been developing them and then it'll probably be time.”

So what did she learn on her first outing as director – 2011's “In the Land of Blood and Honey” – that she applied to “Unbroken”? And how did her celebrity help (or hinder) the process of making the new film? Watch the full interview above.

“Unbroken” hits theaters on Christmas Day.