Animatronic Devil Baby Attacks New Yorkers In Epic Prank

What’s a marketing department to do when their devil baby movie is due – zing! – during the barren consumer wasteland that is January releases? Hire a robotics company to build you a remote-controlled, vomit spewing demonic baby in a carriage and release it on an unsuspecting public to record the results obviously!

Billed as a supernatural horror film from 20th Century Fox, ‘Devil’s Due’ is the story of  a newlywed couple finds themselves dealing with an earlier-than-planned pregnancy that must have happened during a night of their honeymoon which is mysteriously missing from their memories. As the wife’s pregnancy progresses it becomes clear that whatever is gestating inside her is malevolent. Basically it looks like the plot of ‘Breaking Dawn’ if it hadn’t been written for tween girls and lonely housewives.

Of course a cinematic masterpiece such as this is practically begging to be made into reaction GIFS. And I’m just the girl for the job.

#1: When you want the haters to know you know what they said.

#2: When you need to pay homage to your love of Kool-Aid and/or hatred of art.

#3: When you’ve had with that one thing specifically. You know the one.

#4: And of course, when you want to scare the beejeezus out of someone.