Watch: Anna Faris on combining darkness and laughs in her new CBS sitcom ‘Mom’

07.20.13 6 years ago

SAN DIEGO – Anna Faris is getting dark…for her role in Chuck Lorre’s new CBS sitcom?

While the “Dictator” actress was at Comic-Con to promote her upcoming animated sequel “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” – in which she returns to voice the role of weather intern Samantha Sparks – she was also more than happy to discuss her new fall TV series “Mom,” in which she plays a single mother and recovering alcoholic who relocates to California’s Napa Valley for a fresh start.

“It really touches on a lot of crazy issues,” said Faris of the show. “My character…had her kids when she was a teenager, and has had some hardships in life. And so I loved that idea that it was really a character with so much depth and so interesting. And the script was hysterical and dark. I remember saying ‘Chuck, I can’t believe that they’re gonna put this on the air.'”

What the series also gave Faris was the opportunity to develop a character who wasn’t confined to the strict plot mechanics of a 90-minute movie – not to mention one written with considerably more depth than the ditzes she’s typically known for playing.

“A lot of times I play…you know, idiotic characters,” she told me. “I love the idea that…[the] medium [of television] is so about the character. As opposed to some of the other movies I’ve done, where oftentimes I think the female character’s sort of saddled with a lot of exposition. So you have to say, ‘No, we’ve gotta get to the thing before we get to the other thing, come on guys!’ And there’s nothing like that in this medium, which is really nice.”

To check out everything Faris had to say about the show, click on the video above for the full clip.

“Mom” is slated to premiere Monday, September 23 on CBS. Will you be watching?

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