Annette Bening on the mysterious charm of Al Pacino in ‘Danny Collins’

Annette Bening's varied career of screen roles — the cunning moll in “The Grifters,” the exasperated real estate agent in “American Beauty,” the alcoholic lesbian mother in “The Kids are All Right” — is especially remarkable because almost every character she plays makes us think, “I know that woman.” And maybe we don't, but Bening's knack for finding the humanity in a character is a magnetic and constant part of her work. 

In “Danny Collins,” Bening plays a hotel manager who wearily takes a shine to the titular star, a washed-up rocker played by Al Pacino. We caught up with Bening to discuss the charm of Pacino, her most difficult roles, and how you get into a role you don't find relatable at all. 

“Danny Collins” hits theaters March 20.