‘Annie’s’ Cameron Diaz sings ‘Tomorrow,’ questions how ‘edgy’ she is

Would you like to hear Cameron Diaz and Bobby Canavale sing? Buy a ticket for “Annie” in theaters this week and you can!

Then again, why wait.

HitFix's Josh Lasser gets the stars of the new musical to belt their hearts out on a karaoke version of “Tomorrow” in the above-embedded video interview, which also has Diaz waxing poetic on why the musical's songs still appeal today:

“They're just really upbeat, optimistic…when I think of these songs, they kind of like, they're going outward but they're also going in inward,” she said. “They're soaring high but then they're drawing you in deep, you know? That's a nice juxtaposition.”

So what's Bobby's favorite karaoke song? And why doesn't Cameron think Rob Marshall or Baz Luhrmann would ever cast her in one of their film musicals? Find out by watching the full interview.

“Annie” hits theaters on December 19.