Once again, ‘Archer’ turns to the ’80s for absolutely insane inspiration

I sincerely hope Archer runs for another 100 seasons, and that I am somehow alive long enough to marvel at the lunacy of each and every episode.

There have been plenty of spy parodies over the years, but as an animated show, Archer goes places that few live-action films or TV shows can follow. Blisteringly filthy, weird on top of weird, and filled with characters who are so horribly deficient as basic human beings that it's almost thrilling, Archer makes me laugh so hard it is is physically punishing. I think Jon Benjamin may have the single funniest animation voice of all time, and he's a really gifted comic actor on top of it. He has positively deadly timing, and the entire supporting cast is full of insane people.

The cast seems to be fully aware of how great their jobs are, and I remember talking to Judy Greer once and having her play along, indulging the Archer fanboy in me, as if my wicked Judy Greer crush wasn't already a problem. Amber Nash is a boss, and her work as Pam blows my mind on a regular basis. It is a show that I actively miss when it's not on the air, and that thrills me every time it returns.

And now there's a trailer for season seven.

And, of course, it's awesome.

While fans were less than ecstatic about Archer Vice, I loved how they embraced the trappings of that very silly iconic '80s show and how they restyled the entire program for it. Now, in the season seven trailer, they've embraced Magnum P.I., and the result is typically ridiculous.

With this and The Venture Brothers back on the air this spring, the animation nerd in me is doing cartwheels around the living room. Now enjoy every moment of this madness while I go sculpt my mustache and slip on a Hawaiian shirt.

Archer season seven begins March 31, 2016 on FX.