Arnold Schwarzenegger comes out shooting in first ‘Sabotage’ trailer


So far, Arnold Schwarzenegger”s return to big screen hasn”t replicated the success of the actor”s glory days, with movies like “The Last Stand” and “Escape Plan” not exactly igniting the domestic box office (although they have done well enough overseas). The actor is hoping to turn that around with Sabotage, formerly known as Ten, which arrives in the spring.

Directed by David Ayer (“End of Watch,” “Fury”), the film stars Schwarzenegger as a DEA agent whose team comes under fire by an assassin after a huge pile of drug cartel money goes missing. The story is based on Agatha Christie”s 1939 novel “Ten Little Indians.”

Here”s the film”s first trailer:

“Sabotage,” which also stars Joe Manganiello, Sam Worthington, Josh Holloway, Harold Perrineau, Olivia Williams, Max Martini, Mireille Enos and Terrence Howard, opens April 11.