Ashley Tisdale cast in ‘Scary Movie 5’ – does this mean no Anna Faris?

Is Ashley Tisdale replacing Anna Faris as the central heroine in Dimension’s “Scary Movie” series?

That may well be the case, as it’s been announced by the studio that Tisdale has been cast as “one of the leads” in Dimension’s “Scary Movie 5,” the first film in the slapstick-comedy series since “Scary Movie 4” hit theaters back in 2006.

The question is, does Tisdale possess the chops to live up to Faris’ comically-adept performances in the first four installments? She may have done well in the ‘tween-comedy realm of “High School Musical,” but whether she can hold her own in an adult (albeit lowbrow) comedy remains to be seen.

“Scary Movie 5” is being directed by Malcolm Lee (“Soul Men,” “Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins”), who co-wrote the script with “Scary Movie 3” and “4” helmer/producer David Zucker.

Tisdale’s last live-action starring role was in last year’s Disney Channel Original Movie “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure,” a spin-off of the “HSM” films which became the highest-rated cable program the night of its premiere with a total viewership of 4.9 million. As for the “Scary Movie” series, the fourth installment continued the franchise’s successful run with nearly $180 million in worldwide box-office.

Do you think Tisdale has what it takes to play the lead in “Scary Movie 5?” Sound off in the comments!

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