‘Ask Drew’ features a Michael Jackson memory and a very personal Movie God game

It's always a bummer when a technical glitch happens.

This week, we lost an entire question and answer to some sort of strange microphone flutter. Someone wrote in to ask about the year 1994, asking if there were films that were overshadowed by “Pulp Fiction” that year that deserved some praise, and I took the opportunity to sing the praises of Roger Avary's “Killing Zoe” for a bit. I love that movie, and I think it's got a great dark evil energy about it. The work by Eric Stoltz and Julie Delpy is outstanding, and Jean-Hugues Anglade is like some mad hallucination in it.

Anyway, we had to lose the whole thing, so it's a quicker-than-normal episode of “Ask Drew!” this week. We had a longer-than-expected hiatus between episodes, and we'll be turning that around and getting back on the every-other-week schedule now. It was my schedule that complicated everything. Our video team is always up for for this, and they said we've been getting waves of questions lately.

Remember… you need to send your question directly to video@hitfix.com so that they can compile them without me seeing anything. We played Movie God again this week, and it was a very specific variation on the game, with them pitting two infamous articles I wrote against each other.

We'll be back with a new “Ask Drew” sooner rather than later, so keep the questions coming in, and thanks as always for playing along.