‘Ask Drew’ features an almost impossible ‘Movie God’ question this week

The Marvel vs DC rivalry curdled this year in a major way, and the stink of it has ruined 2016 as a film year for me. I enjoyed Captain America: Civil War, and I enjoyed Suicide Squad, and the mere fact that I was able to enjoy both seems to mark me as some kind of weirdo if you listen to the very loud, but thankfully very small, vocal minority who seem determined to prove to the world that if you like comic book movies, you are likely a sociopath with poor people skills.

I believe better of the vast majority of you, though. I meet plenty of ardent fans who remind me every day that fandom is a community, I would love to sit out all further conversation about the topic, but I think that”s the coward”s way out. I refuse to let anyone dictate what I can or can”t talk about simply because they”ll yell at me if I don”t do it the exact way they want. The great thing about the format for Ask Drew is that it gives you a chance to ask for what you do want, as opposed to the way so many online interactions happen now. If someone wants to know what I think of the future of Marvel, I”m happy to answer, and in doing so, I”m not throwing shade at anything else. I want to reward your enthusiasm with my own, and knowing that you guys take the time to think about what you want to ask means I want to encourage your interest with my own in return.

Today”s questions were really good, and one in particular really threw me. I found myself scrambling to come up with an answer about the five most defining American independent films, and this is an example of the way I”d handle things different if I had time to consider the question. No John Cassavetes? Really? What the hell was wrong with me?

That”s the fun of it, though. You force me to think on my feet, and when I fail, I fail right there in front of you. I would absolutely name at least one or two different films on that list, but instead of freaking out about it, I”ll let you enjoy me floundering.

This week”s Movie God is fiendish. Fiendish, I tell you. The guy who sent in the infamous “Jim Henson or George Lucas” one that broke Movie God for a while was at my house this weekend, and when I presented this one to him, he made a sound like someone stabbed a tire full of farts. Victory, then, to this week”s entry.

As always, send your questions to video@hitfix.com so I don”t see them, and we”ll be taping a new installment this week for you.