‘Ask Drew’ looks at which horror remake might be a perfect fit for Robert Eggers

In all the excitement of Comic-Con week, I have been negligent, and I forgot to post the latest episode of Ask Drew for you.

I love how quickly you guys jumped right back into playing along, and this week, we ended up picking a Remake This! instead of a Movie God, but either one of those is acceptable, and I want you to feel free to come up with the most diabolical entries for both games.

We cover a bit of ground this week, talking about film scores and horror remakes, and I think it”s a nice reminder of what happens when we let you guys steer the conversation. I”m not sure I would have brought up any of these topics, but knowing that you”re curious, I”m happy to jump in with some answers.

Remember… if you want to send us a question for the next Ask Drew, send it to video@hitfix.com so I won”t see it until we go on the air.