‘Ask Drew’ looks up with ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Starman’

I was going to try to shoot an “Ask Drew” a few weeks ago, but it fell right between two week-long trips out of the country, and the Saturday I was poised to come in, I basically just collapsed.

The video team was ready and waiting, though, and as soon as I hit the office this week, they were ready to throw me in front of a camera and shoot a new episode. The great thing about the way you guys have responded to these so far is that we are not hurting for questions. There's always a stack of stuff ready to be answered, and the video guys are always happy to see more submissions arrive at video@hitfix.com.

I notice that they normally throw in one question about an upcoming film. There are going to be weeks like the “Terminator: Genesis” week, where I think I accidentally revealed more about that movie than I meant to, enough that I got some concerned calls from people close to the film. Then there are going to be weeks like this week, where I know very little about “Interstellar,” and that's by design. I never even finished reading the early draft when it was still potentially a Steven Spielberg film because I don't want to know what's on the other side of a wormhole. I mean, I do, but not until I'm sitting in a theater and I can see it presented in the absolute best way that the filmmaker (Christopher Nolan, in this case) can present it.

I liked the Movie God this week, and one of the loveliest things about the way the game has evolved now that you guys are the ones setting it up each week is that you're finding ways to set up conflicts I never would have initially imagined. Originally, it was just movie versus movie, but you've managed to broaden the scope of the game so much now that I feel like it's become kind of infinite in terms of possibilities. It's so much fun, mainly because on the weeks you guys get it right, it hurts me to play it.

As always, this show only works because of you, so thanks for writing in and thanks for watching.

“Interstellar” is in theaters November 7, 2014.