A Marvel Fan Claims To Have Seen ‘Avengers: Endgame’ 103 Times


It seemed a tad excessive when it was reported back in January that Kevin Smith had seen Avengers: Infinity War 53 times. (The number has surely gone up in the ensuing months.) Others perhaps saw this as a dare: ComicBook.com caught a boast hailing from a super-super-super-super-fan who has seen its follow-up, Avengers: Endgame, 103 times.

Agustin Alannis went on Twitter to boast about the possible/probable record, which, by the way, he accomplished in just under a month.

On top of that, Endgame is 23 whole minutes longer than its predecessor. At 183 minutes, endured 103 times, that’s about 314 hours of his life — or roughly 13 days — spent watching Thanos [spoiler spoiler spoiler]. And that’s not even counting trailers and ads, or if he managed to stick through the entire end credits.

Do you dare doubt Mr. Alannis’ claim? Well, he’s posted a photo of himself at every show, holding up every ticket next to a different theater employee. Scroll through his feed if you dare.

Why would one do this to oneself? Partly to match a record held for the previous Avengers outing: One Tony Mitchell, who showed proof he’d seen Avengers: Infinity War [drum beat] 103 times.

Anyway, kudos! That’s a lot of sitting, but also a lot of times listening to The Kinks’ delightful “Supersonic Rocket Ship,” which was played when Hulk and company go to visit Thor in New Asgard.

(Via ComicBook.com)