The Biggest Running Joke Of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Has People Conflicted

Marvel Studios

(WARNING: This post carries spoilers for Avengers: Endgame, so if you don’t want multiple plot points ruined, now’s your chance to go.)

Well, Avengers: Endgame landed in theaters for Thursday night previews that were packed across the board. The assembling of superheroes did defeat Thanos, but the process too much longer than planned. Several years, in fact. Throughout, several of beloved characters were depressed the entire time and, you know, stopped caring about superficial matters like looking pretty. Cap still shaved (why?), but Black Widow found herself with five-years of red hair growth and several inches of blonde at the end, and as for Thor? He started boozing hard, lost himself in carbs, and essentially turned into an Asgardian Lebowski. Shirtless beer gut and everything.

In retrospect, it’s amazing that we didn’t see this coming after Thor was all about that bread bowl in a more recent Endgame trailer. Like so.

Thor hadn’t yet gained weight early on in the film, but he was clearly depressed after losing Loki and not “going for the head” while attempting to defeat Thanos with Stormbreaker in Infinity War. He was eating himself through the sadness and PTSD, and after the Avengers fail at their initial plan to recover the gauntlet with stones intact, he retreated to “New Asgard” and drowned himself in beer.

As a result, Thor was jolly because he was perpetually buzzed, but yes, they put Chris Hemsworth in a fat suit. Dozens of comical moments followed, and people in my theaters laughed uproariously throughout the rest of the film. Mainly, I suspect, because Thor is usually, well, so ripped, and an Asgardian letting himself go and turning into The Dude is utterly ridiculous. And with so much darkness involved, people probably enjoyed laughing at something besides Ant-Man. So yes, the joke went over well in theaters but some displeased think piece writers and Twitter users didn’t feel the same way.

The opposing wave of reactions, though, found Lebowski Thor to be uproarious. Some male fans even frankly touched upon how they enjoyed the onscreen representation of their own physique in a superhero movie.

Whether or not one is offended by Fat Thor, his new phase actually does run deeper into his ongoing character growth, which is something we find out more about by the end of the film. However, differing opinions are to be expected because people are gonna people, but on the overall plus side, Endgame is finally here.