Avicii announces first album and drops single ‘Wake Me Up’: Listen

Avicii is ready to release his first full-length studio album this year and is leading off with its first single “Wake Me Up.”

The track doesn’t start off exactly how fans of the EDM would expect: the folk and acoustic based track ultimately makes its way to a cheesy dance floor beat, but you can tell the young star has a smile on his face as he produced this one all the while. It guests Aloe Blacc on vocals, and he is exceptional at taking on this little hybrid.

Speaking of guests, you can bet there will be plenty of them on Avicii’s album Sept. 17-due “#TRUE.” (Yes, that’s another damn hashtag title. May they all burn.) Michael Einsinger from Incubus, country music’s Mac Davis and recent Daft Punk’s collabo Nile Rodgers are along for the ride.

Avicii made his first mark on the charts with “Le7els” two years ago.

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