Watch: Strap on your skates for Avicii’s new video for ‘You Make Me’

In Avicii”s new video for “You Make Me,” featuring Salem Al Fakir,  folks strap on their roller skates for a roller boogie version of “West Side Story.”

The follow up to the video Ralph Lauren commercial for top 5 hit, “Wake Me Up,” is a fun look at rivalries, over a girl, naturally, and a poke at everything from the classic musical to “Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger,” if it took place in a roller rink.

Mercedes, the waitress, is the object of desire for Chang, her ex, and Henry, cleverly dubbed The Highroller for his skating prowess. Chang, who works at the rink and has the glamorous job of de-oderizing skates despite his fairly phenomenal way on skates, wants his girl back so he and Henry have a skate-off that”s intentionally cheesy, but also highly entertaining.

We won”t say who wins, but let”s say they ride off into the sunrise together in a way that you definitely shouldn”t try at home, kids.

“You Make Me” is the second single from “True,” Avicii”s first full-length album, which comes out tomorrow. Read our interview with his collaborator, Incubus”s Mike Einziger here.  Speaking of collaborators, Avicii also worked with Chic”s Nile Rodgers on the album, although not on this track, which is a shame since it feels like the perfect time to reference Chic”s “Good Times” and its “clams on the half shell and roller skates” line