A ‘Back To The Future’ Reboot Will Almost Certainly Not Happen Anytime Soon

11.24.18 7 months ago 3 Comments


The world is filled with horrible news these days, but this one was uniquely weird and unpleasant: The Hollywood Reporter held a poll to see which franchise people want to see rebooted. There were currently dead brands, like Shrek and The Matrix; ones that have run out of steam, like Pirates of the Caribbean and Die Hard; and ones that are still going, like Jurassic Park and Avatar. But the one that won, and handily, was Back to the Future, which has lied dormant since all the way back in 1990.

The poll’s participants may have been gonzo for more Marty McFly and Doc Brown — apparently not getting their crackly-voiced kid-and-white-haired mad scientist fill from Rick and Morty — but others on the information superhighway were, shall we say, not feeling it. Actress Evan Rachel Wood summed up this side pretty eloquently:

Anyway, everyone should relax, because there is almost certainly zero chance we’ll be getting a Back to the Future reboot anytime soon.

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