Barack Obama is the Greatest ‘Colbert Report’ Correspondent

Whether or not you love Barack Obama, you have to admit he's one of the few sitting presidents in history who could handle the timing and stage presence of self-deprecating sketch comedy. The Commander-in-Chief was a riot not only during his interview with Colbert (in which the prez was called “Emperor Obama”), but also during “The Decree” in which he cracked jokes about Mitch McConnell, healthcare, and his new-found grayness.

This is a perfect TV moment. I don't what else to say about it, really. The excitement is real as Obama takes over Colbert's desk in Washington and plays along with the familiar subliminal joke format without ever seeming too self-aggrandizing. This is better than Clinton showing us his sax skills on “The Arsenio Hall Show” or Richard Nixon deadpanning “Sock it to me” on “Laugh-In.” This is a fully realized, cannily executed, actually informative comedy segment starring the president. Flawless.