Barbara Walters’ last ‘View’ included Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Katie Couric, Connie Chung, Diane Sawyer

05.15.14 4 years ago

Barbara Walters” last “View” included Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Katie Couric, Connie Chung, Diane Sawyer
In fact, every female anchor on network TV joined Walters on today”s taping of her final episode of “The View,” which airs Friday.

With Cristina Yang”s “Grey”s Anatomy” exit, TV loses its best female friendship
Cristina and Meredith “are not besties,” says Samantha Highfill. “They are not friends forever. They are not twinsies. They”re each other”s person. They”re the Twisted Sisters. And that”s what makes them the best female friends on television. In the television realm, it”s rare that two females form a lifelong bond out of being 'dark and twisty,' but that”s precisely what Cristina and Meredith have done.” PLUS: Watch a Cristina tribute video from ABC, Sandra Oh recalls auditioning for Dr. Bailey, Shonda Rhimes had a different vision for Cristina, Isaiah Washington helped Oh prepare for her post-Cristina life, cast members say goodbye, and ranking each “Grey”s” exit.

Some Michael Sam fans are turning against him for doing an OWN reality show
One NFL journalist says that the Rams didn”t know they were drafting a reality star. Another Deadspin writer adds that Sam has “chosen the favored path of every D-list as*hole in America. Go ahead and look at the list of NFL athletes with their own reality shows: T.O., Chad Johnson, the Jets-things ended badly for them. No one escapes this sh*t with his dignity intact. I'm going to guess that Oprah's people-they include the guy who brought you American Chopper and someone who ran Lindsay Lohan's reality show-give exactly zero sh*ts about Michael Sam's actual football career.” PLUS: Sam kept his OWN plans secret because of a fear of not being drafted, Sam doesn”t need Oprah”s “noise” when he”s fighting for an NFL roster spot, and why Sam made a terrific choice to do a reality show.

“Arrow”s” Emily Bett Rickards weighs in on the “Arrow” season finale
“I had sort of heard things,” she says.

Andy Samberg wears an earring for his 2nd round of “SNL” promos
Only 7 of the 17 current “SNL” cast members were part of the cast when Samberg was on “Saturday Night Live” two years ago. PLUS: The best and worst hosts from this season.

Upfronts by the numbers: Networks ordered 54 new scripted shows
Of 34 dramas ordered last year, only eight will be back. Only five of the 23 comedies will return as well.

Coming soon: “Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery and the Missing Pieces” Blu-ray box set
David Lynch personally oversaw this box set, which has 90 minutes of never-seen-before footage, including Agent Cooper mugging for the camera.

“Killjoy” graphic novel is getting animated series treatment
Alan Robert is helping develop a series based on his graphic novel about a group of murderers who inadvertently unleash an ancient voodoo curse upon New York.

Watch the trailer for E!”s 1st scripted series, Elizabeth Hurley in “The Royals”
She”ll be part of a fictional British royal family in modern day London.

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