BatKid currently patrolling Gotham City

Right now, BatKid is saving Gotham City.  
No, we’re not kidding, but San Francisco is playing stand-in for the fictional locale for the mini-Caped Crusader’s escapades.  Streets are cordoned off, there is a police escort, and the citizens of Gotham are lining up to see BatKid on his way.
Why is all this happening?
Because it was one child’s Make-a-Wish Foundation request, and it’s been granted. They are going all out for this and, forgive our editorial, it’s awesome.
Five-year-old Miles has leukemia and what he wanted was to be BatKid for a day. Make-A-Wish put out a request for help with this one and San Francisco and a whole lot of other people are making Miles’ dream come true. The San Francisco Chronicle has put out a special edition cover renaming itself the Gotham City Chronicle and talking about the little superhero’s doing. The special edition even has reports written by Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Brenda Starr. 
There is a full day of activity lined up for BatKid, and it involves thwarting supervillains with Batman. Over the course of today, BatKid will (or has) battle the Riddler and the Penguin, stop off for lunch in Union Square, visit AT&T park, and get a key to the city.
Perhaps best of all, the entire thing was apparently done as a surprise. 
So, go out there and save Gotham, BatKid. Everyone here at HitFix is pulling for you.

The local ABC affiliate also has a live stream of the event.