Batman Fails! Heroes Vs. Villains Round 3 Begins!

Batman's having a bad week.

In each year's tournament, some dreams are made while others are broken. This year, it was the Caped Crusader's turn to be on the business end of a great upset. Bested by no less than Han Solo, returning titan Batman has fallen in the second round of the HitFix's third annual showdown.

Also leaving us after tragic defeats – Deadpool! Rey! Finn! Jon Snow! Ron Swanson! Ultron and Regina George! 

Many giants of goodness or villainy left their dreams on the arena floor. 

And now on to Round 3!

Eight unbelievably mighty match ups to take us to the semi-finals:

Han Solo vs. Furiosa
Ripley vs. Ant-Man
Xena vs. Jessica Jones
Agent Peggy Carter vs. Sherlock
Joker vs. Kylo Ren
Keyser Soze vs. Hans Gruber
Hannibal Lecter vs. Jim Moriarty
Catwoman vs. Kilgrave
Two time champion Xena stood astride the competition once more as the top vote getter in round two. Can Jessica Jones finally end her reign? And across the divide Hannibal Lecter continues to crawl his way towards a rematch of last year's final.
Cast your vote today!  The future of heroism is in your hands!  Round 3 is now open!