Here’s what Lex Luthor’s ping ping meant at the end of Batman V Superman

Warning: Spoilers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice ahead…

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has been released and we”re unpacking every detail and hint at what's ahead around here.

We”ve got a spoiler-filled review up, a full written review, and a post addressing Batman's most significant vision in Batman V Superman, and what it means for the future of Justice League, The Flash movie, and the DC cinematic universe.

You can take a look at our video discussion unpacking that vision and all that it implies below.

Here, Roth Cornet and Jon Schnepp pull the curtain back and unpack what Lex Luthor's final moments in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice what it means for the rest of the DC universe movies.

Essentially, Batman V Superman set up what will likely be the big bad of DC's movie universe.

Take a look in the player all the way at the top of this page or in the embed below.

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