Beatles ‘reunion’ a no-go, according to Julian Lennon

Published reports have been circulating for the past few days about a potential Beatles” “reunion” concert for London”s 2012 Olympics that would feature surviving Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, as well as John Lennon”s son Julian, and George Harrison”s son, Dhani.

Now Julian Lennon is saying, don”t even think about it.  “There will never be a Beatles reunion because two of the members of the band have since passed,” Lennon posted on his Facebook page. “And no one could, or should, try to replace them…End of…x.”  We agree. It”s ludicrous to call the above configuration any semblance of the Beatles. And it”s not a Beatles reunion just because the sons of Lennon and Harrison may stand in for their dads.

It seems the rumor got started after McCartney indicated that he may appear at the London games, according to U.K. tabloid, The Sun. Then tongues started wagging about bringing in Starr. The two have played occasionally together since the Beatles bust-up 40 years ago.

The Sun is staying firm that McCartney will play the opening or closing ceremonies. Whether solo or with Starr is unclear.