Behold! James Bond is back with a completely forgettable ‘SPECTRE’ poster

I don't get it.

There was actually a teaser all day yesterday about today's release of the first poster for “SPECTRE,” the upcoming James Bond film. I'm tired of trailers for trailers or posters for posters, this idea that the studios want twice as much time in the news cycle for releasing one tiny piece of marketing. I am not going to write a story about a four-second clip advertising a thirty-second clip. That's asinine.

And as far as teasing this poster goes, I'd be a lot less cynical about it if the poster itself was something other than a totally generic shot of Daniel Craig against a neutral background. Talk about a non-image. This communicates nothing. Oh, look, he's in a turtleneck. Wow. I'm sure that means “SPECTRE” will be amazing.

Come on, studios. You can do better than this.

“SPECTRE” arrives in American theaters November 6, 2015.