Best and Worst: 11 highs and lows from the ambitious, uneven ‘Doctor Who’ series 8

and 11.09.14 5 years ago

That”s a wrap! Another series of “Doctor Who” has concluded until the interstitial Christmas episode sets us on the path for next year. 

But how did Peter Capaldi”s freshman year pan out? It might have been an uneven season, but there”s something ambitious about eschewing a traditional villain in order to pit the Doctor against his own choices. Monsters of the week and hints to Missy”s grand mechanizations aside, Series 8 of “Who” was mostly an exercise in deconstructing the Doctor, his fears, and his methods for dealing with both humanity and alien threats to his pet planet. 

Ten and Eleven both had story arcs that were all about avoiding or actively running away from responsibility. After the events of the “Day of the Doctor,” Twelve seems to have swung the regeneration pendulum too far in the other direction. For most of the season, he opts to take responsibility, but at the expense of allowing for humanity and mercy. 

For better or for worse, we gathered some of the best and worst moments from “Doctor Who” series 8.

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