Best and Worst of ‘Big Hero 6’: Who doesn’t want a loveable, huggable marshmallow?

Walt Disney Animation brought you a well-meaning video game villain in “Wreck-It Ralph” in 2012, and an ice princess and her sister in 2013's “Frozen.” This year, the Mouse House landed audiences in San Fransokyo — in the future — with Hiro and his new robot companion Baymax in “Big Hero 6.”

The hi-tech, family-friendly adventure features voice talent from Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, Jamie Chung, Damon Wayans, Jr., Génesis Rodríguez, T. J. Miller, Daniel Henney and Maya Rudolph, and was released this week (Nov. 8).

Below, HitFix runs through the bests and only a couple worsts of the flick, on Hiro, Baymax, his real and adoptive family and the villains. As if it was not implied, **THIS FEATURE CONTAINS SPOILERS.** Though should already get the impression that Baymax is among the most adorable Disney characters ever.