Best and Worst of ‘The Judge’: How did Robert Downey, Jr. not make the list?

Critics have not been kind to David Dobkin's “The Judge” (frankly, neither was HitFix's own film critic).  The movie has earned just a 48 on Metacritic and a 48% on Rotten Tomatoes and will end up being a litmus test for star Robert Downey, Jr.'s box office clout. As much as we root for RDJ his latest endeavor is still going to have to face HitFix's best and worst microscope. Oddly, Downey, Jr. somehow didn't make our final list.

Listen, it's not that the one time Oscar nominee (oh, how we forget) is bad in “The Judge.” The problem is he is simply delivers the exact performance you're expecting him to. Downey, Jr. ends up turning character into another variation on the Tony Stark/Robert Downey, Jr. persona we've seen for the past six years.  Again, not a bad thing, just hardly worth ripping (because he can still provide some entertaining laughs) or praising (because we'd love to see something new).  Than again his celebrated co-star, Robert Duvall, doesn't land an individual entry either.  Duvall gives a fine performance but is it one of his very best?  Probably not, but that may not stop him from landing a best supporting actor Oscar nomination anyway.  

With all this in mind enjoy our best and worst of “The Judge” in the embedded story gallery below.

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