Best and Worst of ‘The Maze Runner’: Dylan O’Brien, Will Poulter, that Ending

Warning: Read this article and story gallery at your peril if you have not seen the movie yet.  Spoilers lie ahead…

After months of hype, another potential YA franchise has hit movie theaters, “The Maze Runner” (aka the Dylan O'Brien of “Teen Wolf” movie).  

Based on James Dashner's 2007 novel of the same name, “Maze Runner” is set in a near-future world where our hero, Thomas (O'Brien), wakes up with his memories wiped and in an ascending elevator that dumps him into an unexpected world. That would be The Glade, a few acres of forests and grassy fields in the middle of a gargantuan cement maze.  He's immediately introduced to a band of young men who were also thrown in this strange prison but have managed to survive with the few supplies provided to them once a month from the same elevator that keeps dropping off new recruits.  Every day the maze opens its doors and “runners” attempt to map the puzzle in hopes of finding an escape. If they don't get back before nightfall, however, they risk being trapped on the other side of The Glade were monstrous Grievers hunt and kill them.  Of course, unlike the rest of the group there's something different about Thomas.  Within three days he's turned this peaceful world upside down and disrupted The Glade's delicate social order.

Director Wes Ball shows a fine touch for world building and handling a cadre of young actors with his feature film debut, but critics have been somewhat unanimous that the film's ending left them wanting.  Moviegoers didn't seem to mind, however. “Maze Runner” debuted to $11.2 million on Friday and is expected to take in around $30 million for a good, but not great opening weekend.

With all that in mind, HitFix is taking yet another in-depth look at a highly anticipated flick.  So, with yet another warning that significant spoilers are contained in the last two entries, check out our best and worst of “The Maze Runner” in the embedded gallery below.

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