Best and Worst of ‘Thor: The Dark World’: Loki, Laughs, Reshoots

Now that “Thor: The Dark World” has conquered the globe with $85.7 million domestic and $326.6 million worldwide so far, it’s time for us all to breakdown what worked and, sadly, what didn’t.

[Note: there are many spoilers ahead. If you have not seen the movie and still plan to, proceed at your own risk.]

It should be said this writer was a fan of the first “Thor.” It brought a world Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created on the page to life in vivid color and proved the charismatic Hemsworth was a star in the making.  Sure, not all of the New Mexico stuff worked and a lot of great actors were wasted (Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings, Idris Elba), but for the most part it was more than any God of Thunder fan could ask for.

Thor returned in “The Avengers” and Joss Whedon clearly gave him a voice and purpose among Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  A year and a half later he’s back in “The Dark World” and, Loki aside, we’re not sure its a better sequel than Marvel’s much maligned “Iron Man 2” (ouch).

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