12 Best Internet Reactions To Super Bowl XLVIII

02.03.14 2 Comments

Well that was unexpected. What was predicted to be a close game turned out to be one goal away from a shut out massacre in favor of the Seattle Seahawks during Super Bowl XLVIII. The Denver Broncos gave up the safety within the first minutes of the game and never seemed to recover from the blow.

Of course – as with any major event – the Internet was quick to lack onto the easy kill.

#1 – Peyton Manning is not enjoying the Little League Championship and just wants to go home.
Photo via Downtown Pizza Co

#2 – Artistic representation of disgruntled Broncos fans across the country.
Photo via Reddit

And that’s just the start. Sure Peyton manning takes the brunt of the reactions but Eli Manning and Joe Namath get a few hits in too after the jump!

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