Beyonce Vs. Zombies Gives ‘Survivor’ A Whole New Meaning

In a fight for world domination, who would win? Hordes of the undead or Queen Bey? Well according to Ali Graham the answer is obviously Beyonce. After all, she's clearly been preparing to lay waste to the zombie hordes since at least her Destiny Child days. It's all in her lyrics.

Remember, if you don't take the head the just keep coming back around.

You don't want to see Yonce on her knees, ruining her heels by jabbing them into zombie eyes.

Don't just stand there. Shore up those walls!

Short skirts keep your legs free for defensive running and offensive stiletto kicks.

You think all those dance moves were for show? A slide to the right is a classic dodge tactic.

It's totally okay to look crazy when staring the apocalypse in the face.
Want to follow Beyonce's fierce zombie fighting footsteps? Ali is on Twitter where she posts all her latest tips to be a survivor.