Beyonce wins cosplay just like she wins everything else

We've heard a lot in the few years about FOMO, an Internet phenomenon that results from looking at social media and believing that everyone out there is having more fun than you are. It means “Fear Of Missing Out,” and I feel pangs of it like anyone else.

It's particularly potent when the event in question took place within visual distance of your house, as was the case for me this morning when I saw pictures from the party thrown last night on the Warner Bros. lot, which I can see from my living room window. I didn't expect an invite, of course. I don't know Ciara, and it was her 30th birthday party where all this mayhem took place.

Comedian Jeff Dye has probably been seen by more people today than at any other point in his life. I'm a comedy fan, and honestly had no idea who he was until I was sent a link to the Tweet he sent out last night:


What's even crazier is if you start searching online, you can find all sorts of other pictures from that party, and you'll find Ciara with Dye on his Instagram account, where you can get a look at her Catwoman costume:


Me Ciara and Russ celebrating the dirty thirty!

A photo posted by Jeff Dye (@jeffdye) on Oct 25, 2015 at 1:53am PDT


And for Destiny's Child fans, there's one photo that should be particularly enjoyable:


None of them are as good as Beyonce as Storm, though, and are we really surprised? She is the queen, after all, and when it comes to FOMO, I can honestly say that this time, I have a horrible case. Now… how long until “Empire” finds a way to do their riff on the party?