Listen: Beyonce’s ‘I Been On’ remix with Houston rappers Bun B, Geto Boys, more

Lest you forget Beyonce’s Houston roots, check out the remix to her new tune “I Been On.” Bun B of UGK, Scarface and Willie D of Geto Boys, Z-Ro, Slim Thug and Lil Keke all show up for rap verses on the tune, with the voice of the “little wife” all but gone.

Everybody who shows up — including Queen B herself — are Houston-bred, and they all take time extolling their Texas town. As in the original tune, Beyonce reveals in drop octave that she was in a Willie D video when she was 14. And remember history: she guested on Slim Thug’s “Check On It” in 2005.

This remix popped up on Bun B’s Soundcloud page. Listen below.

“I Been On” dropped with “Bow Down” in a double-whammy of a Beyonce resurgence last week. No word if this tune will be on Bey’s next album, but it’s certainly one of her more hip-hop leaning records yet.