‘Big Brother’ recap: It’s Operation Bring the House Down!

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It’s time for an elimination, and unfortunately the whole CBS/Time Warner nonsense has forced Dan to recruit me for Thursday. Before we begin, send good thoughts his way. A day without CBS and its affiliate stations is, in many ways, like a day without sunshine. Or at least an evening without “Big Brother.” Or something. 

Julie Chen is wearing what appears to be a paper bag. How very eco-conscious of her! Don’t wrinkle it, Julie Chen! 

As we all know, Jessie and Spencer are on the block — and Jessie is the target. Initially, everyone thinks Jessie can be pacified into believing she’s a pawn, and thus will shut up. Oh, oh no. That would be incorrect, hamsters. Jessie has a sneaking suspicion she’s in trouble, and she’s not going down without a fight. Or fights. 

Jessie thinks Helen and Elissa are distancing themselves from her, so she complains to Andy. What if Helen doesn’t have her baaaaaaack? Andy tells Helen and Elissa to work on their poker faces. Alas, it’s too late. It’s TOO LATE, HAMSTERS. Jessie just needs one more spark and the girl’s gonna blow. 

That spark? Helen casually suggests to the group that Jessie was trying to get Amanda out last week. This is a stupid move by Helen, as Jessie is in the room and there’s no need to pile on at this point. Helen will regret this very, very soon, as Jessie decides to confront Helen. When Helen lies and squirms and denies, Jessie decides it’s time to blow up her game. 

Okay, sidebar. There’s always someone who, sensing the end is near, decides to go out in a blaze of glory, exposing all the “liars” in the house. I understand the frustration at being sent packing. I know these poor hamsters feel betrayed. But should they be punishing other people for playing the game? And, more importantly, playing it better than they do? 

And so, Jessies whine of terror begins. She narcs to Amanda and McCrae about how Helen is out to get Amanda. Amanda thinks it’s time for a confrontation. Seriously? After feebly refusing to engage in this stupid fight, Helen and Elissa eventually head out to fight with Jessie. 

Helen denies, Jessie proclaims herself the beacon of truth within the house, and ultimately it’s just a dull game of she said/she said. Jessie is furious! Gosh, her attempt to scorch the earth didn’t work! 

Even though Jessie doesn’t get satisfaction, Amanda does. She loves that Jessie and Helen are fighting because of her encouragement. She declares Helen shady, which is, as we know, a death sentence. 

But this doesn’t quell Jessie’s anger. She is furious with everyone in the house! It’s Operation Bring the House Down! Jessie tells Andy she knows everything. EVERYTHING. Andy quakes. She knows he’s sending her home! Oh no!

Jessie whines to Gina Marie and Spencer about being the target for eviction, and mentions that Aaryn talks crap about Gina Marie. Spencer is thrilled that Jessie is the pawn, and Gina Marie doesn’t care. I’m not sure why it’s okay that Aaryn talks crap about her but she nearly pulled Candice’s hair out by the roots, but I guess blondes stick together in the “Big Brother” house.

Then, it gets weird. Gina Marie tells Aaryn that Jessie said she talked bleep about her. Gina Marie assures Aaryn she doesn’t care and it doesn’t matter. For some unknown reason, this infuriates Aaryn. Aaryn tells Gina Marie she’s annoying. Then, there is yelling. Gina Marie tells everyone to wake up so they know Aaryn is yelling at her. Jessie is loving this. Her plan to bring the house down is working! On two people!

Of course, all of this was earlier in the week. It seems Jessie has worked through her anger and grief to reach acceptance. As the elimination ceremony kicks off, Jessie tells the hamsters it’s been a pleasure getting to know them. They’re a second family to her! She loves them all! Really? Okay. Spencer gushes as well. 

Amanda votes to evict Jessie.

McCrae votes to evict Jessie.

Aaryn votes to evict Jessie.

Helen votes to evict Jessie. 

Elissa votes to evict Jessie.

Gina Marie votes to evict Jessie. 

See ya, Jessie. I did grow to like her a lot more as the season went on, but Andy didn’t want to make a big move and thus, that meant goodbye. I suspect he will regret this someday, as loyalty to Jessie might have paid off in a way loyalty to Amanda never will.

Jessie hugs everyone and smiles like a pageant queen, so I guess she really did get all the haterade out of her system. Is Andy crying? I know, I know; he liked Jessie. Still, she did kick him in the teeth earlier this week. 

Jessie explains to Julie Chen why she wanted to blow up the game and doesn’t really give us much of an explanation. She hopes she planted some doubts and ruined Helen’s game. Even though she loves Helen, she felt betrayed by her. So… it’s okay to ruin someone else’s game if they played you? I say that makes them an MVP, really. 

Time for whining! Jessie didn’t make a friend OR get a showmance. Switching alliances didn’t help! No one cared about her in the house! Still, she has no regrets. I would say running around and begging for showmances in the first few weeks might be worth regretting. That stuff’s going to live in blooper reels forever. 

Julie Chen suggests that Judd might not be happy to see Jessie when she gets to the jury house, as he felt Jessie betrayed him. Jessie doesn’t care! He owes her an explanation, too! Jessie is always the victim! Waah!

The hamsters say farewell to Jessie via video. Amanda’s way of saying goodbye is to say she was always honest about wanting her gone. Aaryn thinks she’s a friend. Andy carried her as far as he could. Helen sends a kiss. Nothing really nasty, which is an accomplishment, I guess. 

Time for the HoH competition! The hamsters must determine which kind of competition the lyrics of the song being played are about. 

Gina Marie vs. Helen

GinaMarie wins. I think the hamsters might be finding this music so awful as to not be paying full attention to the lyrics. Just a thought. 

Spencer vs. Elissa

Spencer wins.

McCrae vs. Gina Marie

McCrae wins. It seems like a problem that the game allows players to pick who’s next, because Gina Marie has gone twice and Amanda hasn’t played yet. Hmm…

Spencer vs. Aaryn

Aaryn wins.

Amanda vs. McCrae (heh!)

Amanda wins. I get the impression McCrae wasn’t really trying. 

Amanda vs. Aaryn — this is it!

Aaryn wins — she’s the HoH. Not sure which option would have been worse, really. 

Who would have ever thought Aaryn would be a dominant player in the HoH competitions? It’s her fourth HoH. FOURTH. 

Time for an announcement! What might that be? Next week, a juror will return to the game! It could be Judd, Jessie, Candice or whoever goes out next. This seems, at least to me, to be a pretty blatant attempt to keep Helen in the game. I’m sure she’s going home next week (well, if Aaryn does Amanda’s bidding), so this is Big Brother’s chance to keep this from turning into the Amanda show. But is this really a twist? Or just interference?

Do you think it was time for Jessie to go? Who do you think is leaving next week? 

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